Capitalizing on Technology To Build Your Brand Online With Stacie

In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa Kitchens sits down with Stacie King, CEO of Stacie King & Company, and Digital Content & Communications Director at Agentero. Stacie is amazing at using online content to build brands, increase awareness and provide education to the insurance space.

Episode Highlights:

Stacie shares her background and experience. (1:42)
Stacie discusses her current role and responsibilities as a digital content director. (8:26)
Stacie states that agents should not be afraid to embrace technological innovation. (11:41)
Stacie says that listening to podcasts sparks listeners’ creativity and gives the listeners new ideas they can apply to their company or work. (17:22)
Stacie shares tips on how you can improve your marketing through podcasts and social media. (21:22)
Stacie states that there are a lot of media options that agents can use to connect to their prospects and clients. (26:06)
Stacie shares what she does when she sees a potential post she can use for her marketing. (31:56)
Stacie believes that one of the most important things agents should have is LinkedIn. (33:35)
Stacie shares the most important line that agents should start with. (36:15)

Key Quotes:

“I wanted to show people who have had a lot of adversity, and who have got various challenges, and who overcome them and succeed and do cool things and big things in their lives, even though they’ve had some challenges.” – Stacie King
“I encourage agents if nothing else, you don’t have to be the expert at all things right? You can rely on other resources, you can rely on other people to fill in the gaps in the areas that maybe you’re not as strong in.” – Stacie King
“If I can teach people anything, here’s the one I want you to remember: What can I do for you today? I have a lot of contacts in the XYZ industry, or I have a lot of resources at my disposal, how can I help you? That’s the line that everyone needs to start with.” – Stacie King

Resources Mentioned:

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