In The Pocket Episode Five–with Ema Roloff | Social Jazz

Ema is an expert in video marketing with over 10K LinkedIn followers and 5K TikTok followers that tune in to the videos she shares every day. The main focus of her videos is to share advice on change management and to educate and encourage insurance agency owners and producers as they navigate their digital transformation journeys. However, what we love most is that she shares so much of herself in the videos she creates. She shares stories of her life as a Mom, a business professional, or a Speaker who travels the country sharing her knowledge. Ema is always authentic, and she shares so many great stories that we trust and love more about her with every video she posts. You can reach Ema on LinkedIn: Or on her YouTube channel:    / @emaroloff7690  

To reach host Stacie King, you can contact her at [email protected] For more information on Social Jazz:

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